Custom Interactive Maps


These beautiful and functional maps are built using the Google Maps JavaScript API, and custom-designed to be aesthetically consistent with the website’s visual identity.

Every campaign website will need maps. Whether it’s to display the boundaries of a district, locations of your field offices across the state, venues of upcoming events, or anything else that might be useful. These maps complement the website’s style by customizing colors, map markers, info windows, and other map features. Here’s an example map, showing all the voting locations across the city, using custom polling booth and ballot dropbox icons.

Another example can be seen on this blog post, where I made a map of city-wide public school lunch service during Covid closures.

In addition to custom map markers, there are also custom UI buttons, providing the user with straightforward zoom, fullscreen, and geolocation controls. It’s no more or less than is needed for the map’s specific purpose. The same map styling is also used on the Events Map View page.


It’s the only acceptable way to present location-based information.

Imagine a web page with a table that just lists a set of locations— columns for venue name, address, and other relevant information. The user clicks on one of the addresses, opening a new tab to view it in Google Maps. And just like that, you’ve lost that user. Perhaps they notice on the map a restaurant they’ve been meaning to try, and they get distracted by clicking on its website, abandoning anything they might have been doing on your website.

With these custom-designed maps, we provide the user with only the information we’re intending to convey— no more, no less. The businesses/ points of interest, search functionality, and unnecessary UI elements that you might see on a default Google map have all been removed, achieving a cleaner, more elegant map experience.

We design these maps with the UX principles of Usability, Utility, and Desirability in mind.

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