Built-in Event Organizing Platform


The best solution ever offered for managing campaign events online. Designed to meet the needs of organizers, fundraisers, and digital strategists alike.

Digital Dot Democrat’s custom event organizing features go above and beyond anything being used by today’s Democratic campaigns. Like the rest of our integrated features, a native events platform is sure to deliver much better results than a 3rd party service like Mobilize.


The front-end design is simple and straightforward— there are two main views, a List View and a Map View. We’ve set up a few demo events to demonstrate some of the different options, such as Virtual Events, Recurring Events, Featured Events, Tickets, and RSVP. There are some more specific details about each on those individual event pages.


The ticket sales feature is great for fundraising events, whether they’re virtual or at a venue (whenever those happen again). For in-person events with RSVPs or tickets, the ticket email includes a unique QR code. At the event, the attendee checks in by getting their QR code scanned from their phone. Likewise for virtual events, Zoom or livestream links are sent to registered attendees in RSVP or ticket emails, as opposed to posting the link publicly. Requiring RSVPs to free events is a great way to build email lists.

For fundraising events, tickets are sold using the e-commerce platform’s cart & checkout process.


List Building

Campaign events can be an outstanding vehicle for building your email list, if you have the right digital infrastructure. With our events platform, you can require that supporters RSVP to attend free events, sending attendees a ticket email to be presented upon entry to the event. Not only are you able to collect everyone’s email address, you’ll know exactly who showed up, because of each ticket’s unique QR code. That way, you can send follow-up emails to all event attendees with a specific ask or call to action to capitalize on the energy and excitement of the event.

Mera Kathryn Corlett
SEO and Optimized Advertising

Digital Dot Democrat event pages are optimized with structured data markup for SEO. And because those pages are actually part of your website (as opposed to living on a 3rd-party site like Mobilize), you’ll enjoy added SEO benefits.

And when you want to run event-related digital ads (linked either to single events or to the event list pages), you’ll pay less for those ad campaigns because they’ll be using your verified domain.

Easy Event Ticket Sales

Did we mention integrated ticket sales for fundraisers!?! You just won’t find a better user experience design than this for event RSVPs and selling fundraiser tickets.

Add Unlimited Team Members to Manage Events

Allow any campaign staff, consultants, fundraisers, or even volunteer organizers to help manage the events listed on the website without requiring centralized approval. Users given the “Organizer” user role (must be approved by a Site Admin) can create and edit their own events (including ticket values and email content), but they can’t edit or delete events created by someone else. A tech platform is only any good if it gets used, and we want to make sure that access to the website’s tools is available to everyone that needs it.

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