Quote Number QUO-116
Quote Date October 8, 2021
Total $10,680.00

Demo Campaign Client

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Website Base Setup

Initial training & documentation provided.

12 Monthly Hosting, Maintenance, and Support

5 hours of design support per month— Used for things like updating or adding content & pages, modifying or creating new page layouts, etc. Hours do not roll over each month. Additional support billed at $70 per hour.

Technical support questions can be posted to the support forum.

This is billed monthly and not included in the initial setup costs.

1 Analytics/ Search Console/ Tag Manager/ Ad Account Configuration
8 API Setups – Platform integrations (i.e. CRM, Slack, Freshdesk, Compliance, etc.)

This is basically setting up what data goes to what platforms. This depends on what software the campaign is using (like for CRM/ email, SMS, Airtable, user correspondence (e.g. Freshdesk), and how many different forms the website has.

1 SEO setup

Local optimizations, rich snippet metadata, etc.

1 E-Commerce Setup

Merch shop pages & event ticket sales. Automated emails (around 15-20), payment processor & gateway setup. Custom icons (to match brand colors), etc.

1 Email Setup & Configuration

Includes Google Workspace accounts, email sender platform API for automated and fundraising/ newsletter emails, HTML Email Header/ Footer Template, DKIM/ SPF/ DMARC (deliverability optimizations), setting up integrations on each website form, etc.

6 Each Custom Auto-responder Email

These emails might include new list signups, volunteer signups, donation confirmations, yard sign requests, etc. Additional drip emails (scheduled follow-ups) are recommended for first-time sign-ups and donations.

*E-Commerce autoresponder emails are included in e-commerce setup.

2 Custom Maps

I.e., map of the district area. Geolocation feature included. Additional fees may apply depending on the complexity of the map's content or custom features.

Sub Total $10,630.00
Tax $50.00
Total $10,680.00